Saturday, February 25, 2017

Barn Cats?

Ok, I know this is supposed to be about horses. However, there is another issue I need to address. I have two barn cats named Autumn and Ghost. They are "fixed", Autumn got a collar today, and are well cared for and borderline spoiled. Browsing the Internet, I found that many people insist cats must be kept indoors. Why? Cats are born to be outdoors! People might say I treat my cats "cruelly" just because I don't want my dog, Maybelle, chasing them through the house and like that they eliminate mice. Neither Ghost or Autumn has touched a songbird since they were kittens. Both sleep in a heated cat house inside the barn, enjoying the horses' antics or playing with their toys. If you think that's "cruel", then how about those cats who never get a taste of fresh air? Or those feral cats (I sort of care for a tiny colony) who get dumped at shelters and killed almost immediately? That's cruelty. For anyone who is able, I suggest looking into caring for a TNR colony. Thanks from me, Autumn, Ghost, Sophie, Poppy, and new ferals River and Stormwillow!
 P.S: I've owned Poppy for 1 year now!! This photo is from the day I first rode her. Thank you Poppy for an amazing year! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Showing with a Green Horse

As I previously stated, I own a registered National Foundation Quarter Horse. Sophie and I are working on trying to find our place in the show ring.  Since she and I connect especially through groundwork, I'd like to try showmanship and maybe halter. A horsey friend competes at barrel shows and I had the pleasure of joining her when she showed Sophie off for me. She and Poppy are just pasture pets that don't get ridden too often during the winter. However with the great weather I would love to get back to riding. Dressage is also something I want to try, so if a Quarter horse can do that I'd be happy to try. Unrelated, but the reason I'm posting at 4:15 is because I woke up with a headache and can't go back to sleep. Happy Valentine's Day from me, Sophie, Poppy, Autumn, and Ghost!💖

Sunday, November 6, 2016



Hi! My name is Rose Windfire, and i'm excited to share my views on natural horsemanship with you. You see, I'm new to the world of owning horses. Last February, my mom finally decided to let me have a horse. It wasn't that hard to choose a sweet Appaloosa named Raggedy Ann as our new pet. She'd been living at a facility that offers horseback tours of Gettysburg, PA. It was love at first sight for me, and we brought her to a local hunter barn two long weeks later.  

The same day that I'd first ridden Poppy, another horse caught my eye. Her owner was riding her at the barn, Hickory Hollow's indoor arena and had the longest and most beautiful mane of any non-Friesian horse I'd ever seen. Eventually, the Quarter Horse became ours too. Now, the mares live in our little modified garage. Two cats, Autumn and Ghost, have joined them there, and our neighbors' Great Dane joins them occasionally. 

Well, I'd better get back to work-Sophie needs some training for next summer's shows. See you later!