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The Eye of the Storm

Falling into hard times is a part of human life. No matter your position in life, whether a seventh-grade student struggling to make friends or an aspiring author with a terrible case of writer’s block, hardship will befall you at some point.

Reactions to obstacles vary, due to the variety in personalities. Some brave humans will face disaster head-on, some (looking at you, Alexander Hamilton) will worsen the problem with an unnecessary sacrifice, and some back away and search for a solution. In both cases, the latter was my only option. My lack of confidence as a seventh grader led to a gradually worsening form of regret, and simply trying to write failed miserably.

Using the seventh grade example, I managed to shut out my feeling of doubt that my few good friends could respect me, a wall which fell down quickly. The wrong people tried to force me into an unhealthy friendship, and there were tears. Eventually, I reached the realization that my actions would no longer change the outco…

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