Life at Conewago Stables

         Today, I was sitting in my room, making a nice blanket for winter (I just started that, by the way) when I had the idea to share a day in my life with all of you. Also, happy Fourth of July!
          As soon as I wake up, I get dressed and go out to feed the horses. Yesterday, our wheelbarrow broke down, so I cleaned the stalls and put the manure in Dad's new tractor cart. Anyways, once they're in I feed the barn cats and play with them for a while. While I'm outside, I water my potted mint and oregano, and my garden (if it hasn't rained in a while.)
           Breakfast comes next, usually made up of fruit, a grain (bagels, cereal, English muffin, pancakes, waffles, or cornbread), and maybe scrambled or fried eggs and vegetarian bacon. Sometimes, however, I just have leftovers from dinner or some homemade no-bake rice pudding (a.k.a rice, milk, honey, cinnamon and vanilla, mixed.) Then, I water my indoor plants and do a craft, like my infinity scarf (still working on it) and my blanket. Following that, I write something or browse for homesteading ideas. If it's cool enough outside, I can garden.
            Lunch is usually a hodgepodge of any leftovers, maybe a grilled cheese sandwich or some salad. We take as we go, having an afternoon snack to boot.
             After lunch I go back to whatever craft, blog post or other project I was working on until it's either time for dinner or for horse care. Dinner is usually home-cooked, with a salad or vegetable as a side, some rice, pasta or cornbread, and protein (sometimes meat, sometimes something else, as my sister is a vegetarian and has to have separate no-meat meals every day.) Afternoon horse care sometimes comes with a quick ride on Sophie or Poppy, but usually is just for feeding everyone, letting the horses into the pasture, and mucking.
           Sometimes we have dessert, once in a while we'll go do something, but usually we shower and then go to sleep. A well-deserved rest is necessary at the end of a long day.
          Life on the farm is sometimes hard, but it always turns out happily. I wouldn't trade my animals or lifestyle for the world.


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