Hair Styling: Part 1

          So, recently I decided to pull Sophie's mane. It was an absolute nightmare. Her mane is longer than that of any other horse I've ridden. Washing her is nearly impossible (hoses, sponges, and cold water all scare her, and we don't have hot water), so I had to comb the dust out first. My sister didn't like that I was shortening her mane, so I barely took away an inch of mane. Also, the metal comb was missing and I had to use a lesser-quality one.
           Perfect little Sophie stayed still and calm the entire time. Champagne Sophie, who freaks out when I try to saddle her up, stood perfectly still as I pulled out the unruly hair. The area under her mane was sweaty. At the end of the ordeal, not much hair had been removed, but it was a start. Her mane and forelock were soft and silky, and showed off a light cream color.
           Mane braiding and banding seem too far away, but I must prepare myself. If I want to show, I must practice until it looks perfect. I hope you enjoyed listening to my rant. Happy very early Fourth of July!


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