Barn Cats?

Ok, I know this is supposed to be about horses. However, there is another issue I need to address. I have two barn cats named Autumn and Ghost. They are "fixed", Autumn got a collar today, and are well cared for and borderline spoiled. Browsing the Internet, I found that many people insist cats must be kept indoors. Why? Cats are born to be outdoors! People might say I treat my cats "cruelly" just because I don't want my dog, Maybelle, chasing them through the house and like that they eliminate mice. Neither Ghost or Autumn has touched a songbird since they were kittens. Both sleep in a heated cat house inside the barn, enjoying the horses' antics or playing with their toys. If you think that's "cruel", then how about those cats who never get a taste of fresh air? Or those feral cats (I sort of care for a tiny colony) who get dumped at shelters and killed almost immediately? That's cruelty. For anyone who is able, I suggest looking into caring for a TNR colony. Thanks from me, Autumn, Ghost, Sophie, Poppy, and new ferals River and Stormwillow!
 P.S: I've owned Poppy for 1 year now!! This photo is from the day I first rode her. Thank you Poppy for an amazing year! 


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